Hi, I'm Savage_Kats on KoGaMa. I started on 7/23/2017 ( Three days before writing this) I got bored of roblox so i tried to find alternatives and boom! I found KoGaMa. Some of my favorite games are OSTRY, Cube Gun 2018, and more. I made a game called Minigame Plaza, it's still in progress. You can play Minigame Plaza here -> [1]

Appearance Edit

I am usually a Tabby cat or a Siamese cat. (Hand-Made avatars!!!)

Behavior Edit

I usually don't friend people but i still friend some people of they are nice to me. I don't chat often unless it's me and a group of friends. I get annoyed by the people who speak spanish because I don't know what they are saying.

Games Edit

I have two games. "The floor is lava!!! 2018," and "Minigame plaza." They both have 4-5 likes and around 20 plays but i want them to have more. I am an amateur game maker.