Oculus OLD

Oculus is a monster that you can buy in the KoGaMa Store by 1000 golden blocks.

Behavior Edit

It can fly and overpass any block,and will try to attack every player,Hovercrafts and HamsterWheels in your range zone.Most people use a block-less bug to take all the blocks and make them just as the gigantic eye,and almost all those people call them "Baby Oculus".It's a very dangerous mob that takes 1/2 of the player's max health.It is the only monster aside from the Fire and Ice Turrets that can die or be stopped by player's weapons.


Appearance Edit

It's appearance is based on an gigantic eye with red pupils,and it's over a four-paired gray and yellow blades.

Trivia Edit

  • Oculus,as the Fire and Ice Turrets,are affected by all player's weapons instead of ImpulseGun,but it can still be used as an escape alternative.
  • Unlike the Fire and Ice Turrets,the Oculus can be affected by the Explosion Logic Box.
  • Oculus will try to attack even Hovercrafts and HamsterWheels,as seen that they're living models.