Though KoGaMa has proved to be an extremely strong concept, it has a lot of potential that devs have yet to explore. The current success of KoGaMa is just the beginning. It is a recognition of our hard work and what we believe in. devs are looking forward to take KoGaMa to new heights.

Devs are very happy that we, in November, partnered with Nordisk Film. The investment marks an exciting new chapter as it allows us to explore the potential of KoGaMa and take it to the next level. Devs are increasing our development efforts as well as doing a focused marketing effort. 

Despite our rapid growth, we’re still the same company at heart, focused on the same level of  innovation and user experience that got us to this point. It is limitation of ambitions that constraints progress, but our ambitions don't have limitation. For us, this is just the beginning. Already hard at work, we are excited to further explore and utilize the potential of KoGaMa and bring it to the next level.