Hovercraft Edit

Hovercraft is one of the two vehicles on KoGaMa, besides the HamsterWheel. It is on the Blueprints part of the inventory and can be bought on the shop by 500 blocks of gold.

Behavior Edit

The player can access the Hovercraft by pressing "E" in the range of the vehicle (You must be in the close range of Hovercraft) ,with that,an "E",in a dark-blue square,will appear on the player's screen,indicating that the player can sit in the vehicle vehicle and drive.

The Hovercraft is an vehicle of extreme speed,with the logics of acceleration.Sometimes,the vehicle can shock with an object and then explodes for the impact.The explosion affects the players and Oculus, dealing a little bit of damage.

As with the HamsterWheel, the Oculus will try to attack not just players,but Hovercrafts aswell,as Hovercrafts and HamsterWheels are living objects. People can use this as an advantage to distract Oculus for an elaborated escape.

Hovercrafts are immune to the Poison block damage,and player can use Hovercrafts to get through impossible passages made of poison,but the Hovercrafts get damage from the Lava block.With this,the Hovercraft will get damage and its back part will enter on fire until a point that it will explode.This fire status can be cleared when the player passes a Hovercraft through a Health activable. This is the same way with the HamsterWheel.

Hovercrafts can port every kind of weapon,and can access Health pickups, but not the Mutant virus and the Speed Boost .Hovercrafts can either be shot with all kinds of weapons,but can't be affected(and the player either,if inside the vehicle)by Mutant virus.When hit by any kind of weapon,it will receive damage,and depending on the weapon's power, it could be instantly destroyed.

When riding over a player at high speed, the Hovercraft can run over a player and throw him away depending on the direction it was hit.

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