Chris600 its my profile, where i play KoGaMa like a normal player, i edit the wiki too, i made 5 articles in total.

Behaviour Edit

i mostly appear on new games speaking spanish and leaving after getting some gold, i also come to the wiki to expand it.

Appearance Edit

I tried making bendy from "Bendy and the ink machine" in my skin, it looks pretty bad but i still like it.

Games Edit

I have some Crappy games, but i also have a good one called "Sonic the hedgehog adventure" where 2 other friends helped me doing the game, it is the adventure of Sonic the hedgehog, Me (Chris the crappy OC) and Meta sonix (Another crappy OC from my friend) where by "No Reason" we enter to sonic generations world, in that YOU complete the stages, do a useless Sonic.exe battle at the end, go trough a long way to the lobby, get 7 chaos emeralds, complete LAST history, beat time eater and win the game.

I know this wiki isnt for spamming so... bye!