• Detective LcLeviYT

    I could let anyone be an admin but edit this wiki and then if you meet the deal message me then I will let you an admin

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  • Detective LcLeviYT

    I need admin because of people destroying articles that is made with hardwork

    As a admin I could toggle protection for those articles so that not logged in user won't be able to edit it (DESTROY it) 

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  • Detective LcLeviYT

    I hate spammers here like what they do like the gold 9999999 thing

    I just want to say being an admin makes me moderate those things but I CANT FOR NOW

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  • JuliaHasAFaic

    Vandalism Issues

    December 31, 2017 by JuliaHasAFaic

    Ever since I found this wiki, I've noticed the large amount of vandalism on most of the pages. Are any of the wiki admins aware that this is happening?

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  • Spykyy


    September 14, 2016 by Spykyy
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  • Davidmarcos851


    January 21, 2015 by Davidmarcos851

    eae kogamians ,voces que acessaram essa wikia jogam kogama,né entao se forem cadastrados  na wikia porfavor façam dessa pequena wikia fazer ela crescer e crescer publiquem fotos ,posts e entrem nesse mundo KoGaMa  .OBRIGADO.     B-)   :D   :0  :)  thau kogaminans ate a proxima .

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  • BrettThopmson

    I would fanfiction pages, we can specify the category and side ¨ \ fanfiction page writing fanfiction.

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  • Kogamer232

    Kogama have been update very much times.But can an update make this game really better?

    Ok,Much noobs which joined kogama now don't have gold to buy poison or lava or other colors.One year ago the poisons

    value just 100 silver,now it's 100 gold,that's not fair for newbies.I don't know if somebody read my blog or all my posts,but if you are,you are the type of person like me, you want to make kogama better.

    Make things more chip!It takes too long to share and get 25 gold per day,that's awkward,ok i know the hover,the dragonfly and the oculus are on half price,but it's an special and limited halloween update.

    That's all for this day. LOVE KGM232

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  • Sterkfor

    Suggestions For KoGaMa

    February 16, 2014 by Sterkfor

    So guys, what do you think can we suggest so we can make KoGaMa better ?

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  • Codrew

    Codrew's Blog

    June 30, 2013 by Codrew

    Today I created my user page twice..... and it was deleted twice. FMl

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  • CyberNight


    June 5, 2013 by CyberNight

    Hello everybody

    im CyberNight or Cyber

    one of the famous people on EU

    pretty new on US

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  • Him123456789


    April 7, 2013 by Him123456789


    My name is him123456789

    I'm one of the famous EU players and a tester

    I'm new here in wikia so hope i can get some help :)

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