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Contest Badges

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(Game Creator Tournament_01)

congraturlations to DJsauron, galon, kuba787, -DIVER-, lawa boy, MineHeroPL, Sohns and superplus
Logic Badge Gold (1)

1st place (logic contest_01) [1]

congratulations to Exelaratore

Logic Badge Silver

2st place (logic contest_1) [2]

congratulations to Tetrider1, GRATOUS.RX and mahmoud34

Logic Badge Bronze

3st place (logic contest_1) [3]

congratulations to Captainjens, _Abaddon_, _Kelim_, nigelblox and superplus

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1st place (Video Contest_1) [4]

congratulations to YL / Santeripe

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2st place (Video Contest_1) [5]

congratulations to Dominus Aethus

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3st place (Video Contest_1) [6]

congratulations to Esbenmine and _ Guido _

Expired Badges

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HC Game (Expired)

Esbenmine won the hovercraft badge

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Standalone (Expired) Everyone who download the launcher by playing a game and adding ?standalone=1 behind the link. And you got the Standalone badge by downloading the Launcher, but unfortunately, it has expired.

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MeetMichal (Expired)

Use coupon code "meetmichal" (Expired)

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CubeHero (Expired)

Use coupon code "McBalon" (Expired)

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Halloween2017 (Expired)

Use the coupon code "Halloween2017" (Expired)

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Halloween2016 (Expired)

Use the coupon code "Halloween2016" (Expired)

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Halloween2015 (Expired)

Use the coupon code "Halloween2015" (Expired)

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Xmas2016 (Expired)

Use the coupon code "Xmas2017" (Expired)

Legend Badges

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Savior Badge

Made for Santeripe for reminding us to renew our domain
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Community Badge

Devs are giving the badge for a contributing to the community in a positive way. Earning the badge requires more than reporting a single hacker or helping users for a single moment. It's about creating value for the community. It's completely up to each person how to achieve it. Sometimes we get surprised of how people contributes to the community.
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KogamaFriend Badge

KoGaMa user who has helped Multiverse through things like community building, events, contests, bug tracking, or other positive influences

Play Badges

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1 Million plays

Be the owner or member of a project with 1 million plays

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2 Million plays

Be the owner or member of a project with 2 million plays

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3 Million plays

Be the owner or member of a project with 5 million plays

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10 Million plays

Be the owner or member of a project with 10 million plays

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15 Million plays

Be the owner or member of a project with 15 million plays

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20 Million plays

Be the owner or member of a project with 20 million plays

Weeks Badge

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Game of the Week

Win the Game of the Week

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Avatar of the Week

Win the Avatar of the Week

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Model of the Week

Win the Model of the Week

Developers Badge

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Developer Badge

Only for Developers

Tester Badges

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Tester Badge

Report 1 Bug on the forum